Create custom search engine

Using Google custom search engine one could create a Google custom search engine which can search entire the web and not just a single site.  Here are steps that you need to follow to setup Google Search.

  1. Create a new custom search engine from Google Custom Search Home Page
  2. Enter name and description for that search engine.
  3. In the define, your search engine, in sites to the search field, enters a valid site URL.
  4. Now select the version of CSE which you need and click Next. You can also select the layout which you want.
  5. In left-hand menu of Control Panel, click Basics.
  6. In the search preferences, select Entire web but emphasize included sites and save the changes.
  7. Now if you can go on the delete the site that you have added during the initial setup of the search engine.


Here is how you can create a custom search engine which can search the entire web.


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