Get device token or registration id for push notifications in Android app

Here is a solution to find Registration Id in Android app which needs to be given to GCM server:

1. Configure the GCM Intent service properly, it should be something like this

<receiver android:name=“”android:permission=“” > <intent-filter> <actionandroid:name=“” /> <actionandroid:name=“” /> <categoryandroid:name=“package_name” /> </intent-filter> </receiver>

2. Then implement the following snippet which will tell you if RegistrationId is already stored in sharedPreference or not.

// Check device for Play Services APK. If check succeeds, proceed with
//  GCM registration.
if (checkPlayServices()) {
= GoogleCloudMessaging.getInstance(this);
= getRegistrationId(context);

if (regid.isEmpty()) {
} else {
Log.i(TAG, “No valid Google Play Services APK found.”);

3. Add this snippet to register for GCM service in the background, if there is no registration id stored in shared preferences.

private void registerInBackground() {
    new AsyncTask<void, void,="" string="">() {
        protected String doInBackground(Void... params) {
            String msg = "";
            try {
                if (gcm == null) {
                    gcm = GoogleCloudMessaging.getInstance(context);
                regid = gcm.register(SENDER_ID);
                msg = "Device registered, registration ID=" + regid;

                // You should send the registration ID to your server over HTTP,
                // so it can use GCM/HTTP or CCS to send messages to your app.
                // The request to your server should be authenticated if your app
                // is using accounts.

                // For this demo: we don't need to send it because the device
                // will send upstream messages to a server that echo back the
                // message using the 'from' address in the message.

                // Persist the registration ID - no need to register again.
                storeRegistrationId(context, regid);
            } catch (IOException ex) {
                msg = "Error :" + ex.getMessage();
                // If there is an error, don't just keep trying to register.
                // Require the user to click a button again, or perform
                // exponential back-off.
            return msg;

        protected void onPostExecute(String msg) {
            mDisplay.append(msg + "\n");
    }.execute(null, null, null);

Here is how you can get device token or registration id which will be used for push notification.

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