How to enhance Google search experience

The success of Google search experience actually depends on the delivering the best possible result based on the search query or intent of the user i.e., Context. Here are few of the important things to provide the best content for a user coming from a search engine:

  • High-Quality Content: Content in the site has to address the user’s query or intent. Keep the content on the site clean and away from looking like Spam. Follow Google’s blog to build high-quality sites to get a better idea.
  • Content should be responsive: Mobiles are a big part of today’s era and it’s no surprise that most of the search queries come from mobile than the desktop.  So it is important to address this concern and make the website responsive or alternatively use AMP for the mobile environment.
  • Page Load: Site speed is one of the most important criteria for user experience and also a ranking factor for different search engines. User’s more often than not will not have the patience to hold on the web page and may abandon the page if the site is slow. So improve the site speed and you can check website speed test from here.
  • Use App Indexing: If your site already has a mobile app, then App Indexing lets the user re-engage with the apps through seems integration with search engines. If the app is already installed on user’s mobile and when user searches for relevant content and click on your site, they should be able to launch the app directly ( deep linking )


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