How to make Android and iOS apps using C# on Mac

How to Make an Android and iOS App in C# on a Mac

In the past few years, Microsoft has pulled a few aces from up their sleeves. They open-sourced .NET, joined the Linux Foundation, released SQL Server for Linux, and created this great new tool called Visual Studio for Mac.

That’s right, a real Microsoft IDE not for Windows, but for Mac. Imagine that!

You can use Visual Studio for Mac to create almost any type of the application. It can be iOS, tvOS, Android, Mac, .NET Core, or even ASP.NET. As all the cool kids are now writing mobile apps, let’s see what it takes in Visual Studio for Mac to create a C# application that will run on Android and iOS.

  • The first thing you need to do is pick the application template. Let’s start with a simple “Single View App.”
  • After filling in the package name and bootstrapping your app, Visual Studio will create a solution with three projects. The first project will be a shared library where you should keep the platform-independent code, and the other two will be Android and iOS apps.
  • You can use the “Run” menu, or commands in the application bar, to start your app.
  • Congratulations! You are now an iOS and Android developer regardless of the fact that you never wrote a line of Objective-C, Swift, or Java code.

Hope this tutorial would help you in getting started to make an Android or iOS app in  C#.

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