Impact of SEO

Measure the impact of SEO

There are always important metrics that show the impact of SEO. Mentioned below are few of the important metrics which are important to report the impact of SEO.

Traffic: Google Analytics is one of the most common sources for measuring traffic information. There are many tools like MixPanel, Piwik to track similar kind of information. Few important things to look forward from this data are sessions, comparisons of week on week or month on month users.

Landing Pages: It’s really important to understand what are the landing pages which are driving traffic. It’s important to analyze landing pages performance and as you keep adding new landing pages checking whether they perform as expected or not.

Engagement: Engagement on the site is one of the most important information to look at for measuring the impact of SEO. Key metrics to analyze engagement are: Bounce rate, Average pages per session and average sessions duration. Both the average metrics are good if they are high but there is a limit to this, if either of them are too high then it means users are unable to find what they want. All these metrics can be found in GA again.

Keywords: Keyword ranking is one of the important metrics for businesses. There are tools like Webmaster tools and Accuranker, which will help in identifying keywords of the website are their performance.

Ranking: SEMRush is a great tool to check how the site is performing overall in organic search results. SEMRush provides a breakdown on how many terms the site ranks on top pages of Google Search results.

Conversion: Whatever traffic and engagement organic is driving, what ultimately matters is a commercial benefit and again GA is a great source for this, dependant on you having the correct e-commerce and goal tracking in place.


Here are some of the important metrics to look at for analyzing the impact of SEO.

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