New way to track Adwords Sitelinks in Google Analytics

Google Analytics has recently launched a new update which has a new feature to measure Adwords performance.Using this, we can track AdWords sitelinks in Google Analytics

From the release notes:

New  report in AdWords reporting section in GA: The AdWords reporting section in GA reports on most features available in AdWords. Based on advertiser feedback, the main missing feature was Sitelinks. We’ve now added a new Sitelinks report to the AdWords reporting section in GA. Note that this report includes data for actual clicks on Sitelinks leading to a website visit.


Site Links in Google Analytics
Sitelinks in Google Analytics

This new view will allow you to see which Sitelink is performing for any campaign and how it’s performing after a click to the website.

You can also put the primary dimension as SiteLink and check all its reporting view which would include Clicks, impressions, Cost, Revenue. Plus, you can add secondary images as well, and explore sitelinks by a campaign. This all would help in identifying which Sitelinks are performing well and are driving sales and it also gives us information on which sitelinks are not performing and need to switch out with something else.

So what are you waiting for? Connect your Adwords with Google Analytics account and use this feature to drive more sales.


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