How to setup an internal SMTP service for windows server

You can now enable internal SMTP service that is built in the core operating system for Windows Server 2012


Windows server essentials won’t directly come with Microsoft Exchange server as its predecessor Small Business Server 2011 did. But still, a lot of small businesses still use a copier that has the ability to scan to email. Some units allow fax to email forwarding service.

Here is how to install SMTP Service:

Installing SMTP Service:

  • Launch the server manager from search option of windows, and type in server manager to find the application.
  • From the dashboard, Add Roles and Features. The Add roles and features wizard will take you ahead. Click Next on the first screen.
  • Now, Select Role-based or feature-based installation and click Next button.
  • After this, check the button which says Select a server from the server pool. And select the server which is by default highlighted and click the Next button.
  • Let the default roles be selected and bypass the rules options by clicking Next button.
  • In Features, scroll down to find SMTP Server and check the box which says SMTP server and click Next button.
  • A new popup window will be shown that informs you that some other services will also be installed with this. Click Add Features button to go ahead.
  • Now click Install to complete the installation process.

Configuring SMTP Service:

  • Open search charm and type in IIS. And run IIS Manager (Internet Information Services).
  • Expand to SMTP Virtual server #1, right click and check properties.
  • Under General tab of properties, set the IP Address to Server’s IP address. Click on check box which says enable logging.
  • Under Access tab, Set the IP for internal devices in the connection button. And add the Same IP to relay list as well.
  • Under Delivery tab, Set a domain name or you can also use the free customized domain from Microsoft.
  • Now open search charm, search for Firewall and add a new inbound rule. Select Port and type in specific local port number as 25 and select TCP and click next and choose to Allow the Connection.
  • Uncheck public and choose private and Domain to prevent external access to the server.
  • Give a name to inbound rules and save it.
  • Restart SMTP service from services and set the service for an automatic start.


That is it. The service is ready !!


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