The importance of using Google Webmaster tools for SEO

There are many an SEO tools in the market, Google Webmaster tools are probably the best among them. The best part about it is, it comes directly from Google and offers a lot of valuable information. This tool gives us many insights as to how Google sees your site like links to your site or external links, adjusting crawl rates, submitting sitemaps, your site’s statistics and keywords which made users to land on your site and much more.

If you are already using Google Analytics on your site, then using it with webmaster tools will enhance the results.

Here is the link to sign up with Google Webmaster.  Once you join, you just need to verify that you are the owner of the website. There are many ways to claim the ownership of the website.

  1.  You can download the HTML and upload the file to the root directory of your site.
  2. You can also add HTML tag into the head tag of the home page.
  3. If you are using same Google account for Google Analytics then you can verify using Google analytics as well.

Once you claim ownership of your site, you would be taken to the dashboard. Here are few important sections from the dashboard:

  • Search Queries
  • Links to your site
  • Crawl errors
  • Keywords
  • Sitemaps

Search Queries: This section will help you in finding the keywords that led to your site.  It gives information as how many people landed upon your site using keywords and it gives analytics based on each individual keyword. You can also see the number of impressions and number of clicks per each keyword. From there, you would also get the Click through ratio too. If CTR is high, it means keyword is good and relevant.

Links: Here you can see the backlinks, both internal and external. One of the important features of this link sections is in case there are some links which can harm your site’s SEO performance, you can remove it by following this article.

Crawl Errors: This section shows you the crawl errors which Google bot had encountered in crawling your site. This gives information on inaccessible pages, missing pages, server errors and other issues which google has found on your site. You would also get information on the number of pages crawled per day and time spent on google for crawling.

Keywords: This section is little similar to the search queries section.  However, there is one difference of keywords in this section are the keywords which google has found on your site. However, these keywords are little different from keywords user find relevant. Using this keyword section, Google tries to identify the theme of your site.

Sitemaps: Sitemaps enables Google bot to find the pattern of links in your website. Using this link, you can submit Sitemap to Google for crawling.