How to use UTM parameters in Google Analytics

UTM Parameters:

UTM parameters are simply the tags that you add to the campaign URL. When some click event happens over this curl which has UTM parameters appended, those tags are sent to Google Analytics for tracking and analyzing.

Let’s say URL link is:

When I log into google analytics I can see people who have clicked this link against the other links on my blog.

Using this, I would exactly know from which campaign the user has landed on my sites, how many such users have landed on my site, pages visited, Avg time spent on the site, bounce rate and a lot of other key statistics for my campaign. You can even create Goals and get high-level information of how the campaign is performing.

How to Create UTM parameters:

The easiest way to build UTM parameters appended URL is by using Google Analytics Campaign URL builder.

This link would ask for the following information:

  • Campaign source: This parameter would help us in finding the source of the traffic. For e.g., Search engines, newsletter, Twitter etc.
  • Campaign medium: This parameter would help us in identifying which medium was being used to get the visitor on to the site. For e.g., Email, CPC etc.
  • Campaign name: This parameter would help us in identifying the strategic campaign name which was being used to get a visitor on to the site. For e.g., in this case, blogboost, is the name of the campaign.

For e.g., if you put your website link in your profile header in LinkedIn, Facebook and over Twitter and if you want to find out how many people have ended up on your site using LinkedIn, then your URL can be:

or for Twitter it could be: