User experience is an important part of SEO

Often when people think and talk about SEO, they probably think about keywords, meta tags, site structure, sitemaps and so forth. But they more often don’t think of user experience or content quality as important part of their SEO strategy.

Search engines have become more and more complex in the method of evaluating the best results for particular user’s query and to add to this complexity they have to deliver at enormous scale and speed.

But the end result is what a human like us, would find highly relevant, useful and of good quality. So in order to do this,  Google has made changes to put importance on quality in the search results with Penguin and Panda updates. These updates would put faulty and spammy pages in low page ranks and improve the page ranks of the good content.

Also, the evaluation would go beyond content quality to the user experience as well. Consider this case: there are two pages that talk about the same product and have virtually everything that’s needed to have good SEO. But the one search engines would prefer is the one which has more relevant information about the product and all its features which a user might be looking for rather than the one which doesn’t focus on user experience.

So, when you do make web pages and want them to get them discovered on search engines, pretend that you are a user looking for some offer or product and put in things which you think are necessary. So yes, the user experience is really important for SEO.


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