WebdriverIO Browser tests on Experitest cloud

WebdriverIO Browser tests on Experitest cloud

We have already covered Getting started with Cross browser testing with WebdriverIO in our previous post.

As mentioned in our previous post, WebdriverIO has many advantages over other automation frameworks. One of the key differentiator is to be able to use popular on demand services like Experitest(SeeTest) cloud, Sauce Labs, Browserstack, TestingBot, CrossBrowserTest with WebdriverIO is pretty simple.

In this blog post, we are going to cover on how we can integrate with Experitest Cloud and use the wide support of Experitest cloud browser offering which covers all major browsers including the support of beta versions.

Experitest cloud Browser offering in 20.3 version of Experitest Cloud

In our previous post, we have already created a wdio config file and basic test which can be executed on the local browser. In this post, we are going to show how we can use the same script and change the configurations post which we should be able to execute tests on Experitest Cloud environment.

Now that configuration is modified, all we need to do is to run the existing test using the following command.

npx wdio wdio.conf.js

Now you should see, test must have been already queued in Experitest cloud and you should be able to see the execution live, once test gets completed, you would have report generated in Experitest Reporter, which gives complete analytics on test execution and also ability to push the data to multiple platforms like ELK stack for example.

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