Ravindra Naik | IIT Guwahati | Software Engineer, NowFloats Technologies Pvt Ltd

About me

Full-time coder and part time blogger:


Hi there!

Graduated from IIT Guwahati, went on to work for NowFloats Technologies Pvt Ltd, a technology startup based out of Hyderabad, India. Started my career as an iPhone app developer and developed merchant app of NowFloats, NowFloats Boost

From there, moved on to API stack and services stack of NowFloats for next 6 months. Then went on to work on Machine Learning Patent pending product, RIA (Relationship Intelligence Agent), which is a customer engagement engine of NowFloats, which understands market trends and user’s interaction with website and suggests content and changes to merchants website to get better search traffic on to merchants site organically.

From Dec 15, I have been working on framework, Kitsune. Its a full stack framework designed for business websites, which comes with automated SEO. I have designed a UI language, made a compiler for the language and developed the back end engine which works on Apache Spark to perform map reduce on big data for better conversions of search traffic.