On Site SEO optimisation

On-site optimization is meant to make a website appealing to both user and search engines like Google, Bing etc. There are various factors that influence On Site SEO but here are some of the important factors that can improve On Site SEO:

  1. Set up Google Analytics and Google search console.
  2. Create a sitemap and submit it to the search engine, so that search engines would know what kind of URL structures has to be crawled.
  3. Add social sharing to a website, promoting content to different social media networks can boost SEO.
  4. Claim ownership of the content present on the website.
  5. Add schema tags to the website and this would help search engines to understand the kind of content which is present on the website.
  6. No broken links should be there on the website if there are any fix them.
  7. Improve the content so that it appeals to the user and the content should be both readable and formatting should be good as well.
  8. Site load time has a significant impact as well, so improving load time will impact as well.
  9. Create a new page for each keyword present in the page or if the page already exists for the keyword then assign the page to the keyword.
  10. Make sure the web page renders well in all browsers and all resolutions.
  11. Every page should have distinctive title and content.
  12. Create a 404 error page.
  13. Analyze inbound links.

Here are few ways to improve on-site SEO.   Thanks for dropping by! Feel free to drop me an email @ naik899@gmail.com or you can comment on this post as well.

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